MGT531HWCh1 - By using this approach HR is playing the major roles of strategic operational and administrative for SYSCO Again HR’s role at SYSCO

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Course Title : MGT 531 Human Resources Management Instructor : Dr. Lee Winters Student Name : Chia-Sang Wang ( Eric ) Student ID: 5892 Assignment : Chap 1 Case Study : HR Contributes At SYSCO Questions 1. How does the market-driven approach illustrate that HR has strategic, operational, and administrative roles at SYSCO? Answer : “Market – driven” type HR approach exist in many enterprises, HR people identified the way which could assist regional operations and then developed programs and services that meet regional needs . SYSCO took a different kind way to approach it. Key to market –driven HR is that managers in the regional operations must be convinced to out sourcing the corporate HR services . However, VRC provide services to managers and employees . A key aspect of the VRC is use of HR technology to gather extensive data on HR activities and provide that data to managers who are in charge.
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Unformatted text preview: By using this approach, HR is playing the major roles of strategic , operational , and administrative for SYSCO. Again, HR’s role at SYSCO is keep active and keeping change. 2. Discuss what types of HR changes could have affected reductions in workers compensation expenses, employee turnover, and increase in customer satisfaction? Answer : Using the survey data(implemented a variety of programs and services ), based on employee and managerial input , HR developed initiatives to increase safety which reduced worker’s compensation . These saving are due to reduced time and money spent recruiting , selecting and training new employees . Another area where HR has contributed which data gathered through the VRC has been used to revise base pay and incentive programs , increase driver retention rates and improve safety records and , of course , customer satisfactions rates increased ....
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