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Course Title : MGT 531 Human Resources Management Instructor : Dr. Lee Winters Student Name : Chia-Sang Wang ( Eric ) Student ID: 5892 Assignment : Chap 2 Case study – XEROX Focuses on HR Questions 1.Discuss the challenges faced by HR management when significant staff cutbacks occur and how they should be address. Answer : When it goes to this kind situation, HR have to become a more strategical contributor. Employee’s loyalty , even their ethic , the turnover rate all should be examined .This HR center performs many administrative transactions , and has added internet –based systems to make HR services more accessible to managers and employees . Tracking the reasons why it could occur the staff cutbacks .Invested training and development of its employee is an important retention factor for HR management to increase productivity and efficiency for
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Unformatted text preview: organization. 2.Use of technology , employee retention, and Hr development have been at the core of HR becoming more strategic at Xerox. Why have those areas been so key ? Answer : To track employee with using technology such as intranet surveys has been a useful tool for HR . Areas where lower scores where recorded have been addressed by HR staff and other managers . Using the survey results has led to employee retention. With all of the reductions and organizational restructurings would keep the high-potential employees Greater use of e-learning , technology and leadership development have paid off in reducing turnover and convincing employees that career opportunities exist at Xerox . The strategic importance of HR has been demonstrated in the past , and looks to be a part of the firm’s future ....
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