MKT310 04 - they are shopping in a Best Buy store Men...

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Name: Dorothy Student ID: 8654 Course: Eco202 Fall 2010 09/13/2010 Assignment P141 I pledge I will be honest to everyone. I will be a GOOD STUDENT. 1. How has an understanding of consumer behavior helped best buy grow from a small specialty audio retailer to the world’s largest consumer electronics retailer? The best buy focus on customer’s behavior. After tornado, the best buy slashed the price, in 1989 by eliminating commissioned sales representatives. Those move was embraced by customers. Customers like more cheaper and better service. 2. What were the advantages and disadvantages of using “customer
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centricity” to create five segments of Best Buy customers. The advantages : it can be better to service the customers. Disadvantages: the cost was very high, expenses increased and profit declined. 3. How are men and women different in their consumer behavior when
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Unformatted text preview: they are shopping in a Best Buy store? Men: typically love the technology, and they like to play with it. women are looking for a knowledgeable person who can answer their questions in the simple manner. 4. What are two or three ( a ) objective evaluative criteria and ( b ) subjective evaluative criteria female consumers use when shopping for electronics at Best Buy? objective evaluative criteria: price. Brand. Quality subjective evaluative criteria: shopping environment. Less noise. 5. What challenges does Best Buy face in the future? I think best buy face unprecedented difficulties and pressure. Because it is conflict between the customers goal(more cheaper, good service…) and the seller’s(make more profits ). it is right to care the customers’ behavior, but you should make the cost declined....
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MKT310 04 - they are shopping in a Best Buy store Men...

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