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MGT531chapter 3 - E Used employee surveys and retention...

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MGT 531 Human Resources Management Prof: Dr. Lee Winters Student Name :Chia Sang Wang ( Eric ) Student ID No: 5867 Homework : Case study –Chapter 3. Alegent Health 1. Discuss how Alegent’s practices match with the recommended retention practices covered in the chapter. Answer : With retention developed in the any firm would won success from employer and employees sides . Alegent is clearly being effective with HR retention process activities to win the awards . Specifically regarding retention efforts, Alegent created an Employee Retention Task Force whose focus was to decrease turnover and increase employee satisfaction. The task force identified several strategies to be used . For example : Job Design, Career planning advancement and so on. Retention practices in Alegent activities : A . Improved individual employee performance and motivation B. Created organization culture and value C. Accessed for work/life balancing D. Competitive pay and benefits and performance compensation / recognition
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Unformatted text preview: E. Used employee surveys and retention evaluation and follow- up 2. Why was a broad based approach to nursing retention important? Answer : Turnover always be HR challenges and nightmare. Turnover is elected to job satisfaction and organizational commitment . the Alegent Nursing Residence Program has caught national attention .Follow this program, nurse meets cross-functional training and depends one interests , personality and so on. It helps career support and encouragement /balancing to individuals . Also strengthen the employee recognition . Compared to the U.S. health care industry rate of 20% turnover , Alegent’s of 7.6% is exceptional. Another key to aiding nursing recruiting and retention is an extensive training and development program. With the competitive Nursing retention program with career advancement is the key to the HR approach at Alegent ....
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