RD Management at ULG

RD Management at ULG - R&D Management at ULG 1 What is the...

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R&D Management at ULG
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1. What is the organizational structure goals of the brands? What are the goals of R&D? In what way do the goals of R&D conflict with that of the brands? The Organizational Structure of ULG is to leverage its strategic priority with its constant growth its star brands such as Rio whilst nurturing its rising stars. ULG’s effectiveness lies with its ability to be flexible and responsive in a challenging environment. ULG is focused on internal growth and profitability and the development of new innovative products that can challenge current and new markets. The R&D center organizational structure was centered on a group of research and technical staffs. The center is tiered into 12 separate departments where each is responsible for a specific portion of the developmental process. These departments reported to the VP of the R&D center. The centers core activities were basic research and product development which was separated into three departments. In regards to development R&D had two major specific phases which were formulation and the pilot phases. Goals – Brands: Rio is trying to grow its position in skincare and Queen and Andanzy were seeking to enter the skincare market while simultaneously improving their position in the fragrance markets. Queen’s goal is to maintain its competitive strategy by bringing both skincare and fragrance to the market level while controlling its exclusivity by selecting its own distribution channels. Goals – R&D:
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RD Management at ULG - R&D Management at ULG 1 What is the...

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