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Ann Granda - English Thesis - ENC1102 3/19/2011 Leadership in Management Leadership is one of the most popular topics to discuss today. We often use this word in our speeches and presentations. Leadership is applicable to all aspects as long there are groups that are working together. A group must have a leader in order to have a systematic flow of organization. In applying effective leadership into a small or large business, there must be a leader who will guide the people in everything they. Do we really understand what stands behind these words? Does personality play a part in effective leadership? What is the role of a leader today? Leadership is sometimes described as” the process of social influence in which one person can enlist the aid and support of others in the accomplishment of a common task”. Definitions more inclusive of followers have also emerged. Alan Keith of Genentech states that, "Leadership is ultimately about creating a way for people to contribute to making something extraordinary happen." According to Ken "SKC" Ogbonnia, "effective leadership is the ability to successfully integrate and maximize available resources within the internal and external environment for the attainment of organizational or societal goals." http://en.wikipedia.org 1
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1. A leader plans. The core of leadership is being proactive rather than reactive. Sure, leaders are good in crises – but that doesn’t mean they sit around letting crises develop. Leadership involves identifying potential problems and solving them before they reach crisis proportions and the ability to identify and avoid potential windfalls. Good leaders analyze, plan and adapt their ideas to new circumstances and opportunities. 2. A leader has a vision. Vision is essential to good leadership and provides direction. Your business will flail about. So if you don’t have one already, take your first step towards leadership by creating a vision statement for your business. Because it embodies your dreams and your passions, a vision statement will also serve as a guide of sorts for current and future employees and leaders. 3. A leader shares their vision. Sharing your leadership vision helps your business grow and develop. As you tell your vision to others, you will strengthen your own belief in your vision and strengthen your determination to make it become a reality. Other people will start to see you as a person who’s “going places”. Your leadership skills will grow as you and others recognize you as someone with leadership potential. 3
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LEADERSHIP thesis - - Ann Granda English Thesis ENC1102...

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