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Simple Array Process - For x = 1 To Employees Count If...

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Simple Array Process Declare Employee Names[100], Salaries[100] Set x = 1 Set Sum = 0 Set Mean = 0 Write “Enter the number of Employees” Input Employees Count For x = 1 To Employees Count Write “Enter the Employee Name and Salary” Input Name, Salary Set Employee Names[x] = Name Set Salaries[x] = Salary Set Sum = Sum + Salary End For Set Mean = Sum / Employees Count Set Count Above = 0 Set Count Below = 0
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Unformatted text preview: For x = 1 To Employees Count If Salaries[x] > Mean Then Set Count Above = Count Above + 1 End If If Salaries[x] < Mean Then Set Count Below = Count Below + 1 End If End For Write “The Average Salary Is”, Mean Write “The Number Of Salaries Above The Average Is”, Count Above Write “The Number Of Salaries Below The Average Is”, Count Below...
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