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case study 9 DD - evaluation for improvement of strategies...

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Is Dunkin Donuts presently using strategic alliances to full advantage? How could cooperative strategies further assist with its master plan for growth? Dunkin Donuts is using strategic alliance to its full advantage. Dunkin Donuts is formulating and implementing strategies that achieve goals in a completive environment. The process begins with analysis of mission, clarfication of core values, and identification of objectives. Dunkin Donuts is mastering Porter’s five forces and pursing expansion through concentration and diverficiation. The function of planning, organizing, leading, and controlling must be mobilized to support strategy implementation and process of continuous
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Unformatted text preview: evaluation for improvement of strategies. By adding kiosks in Stop and shop food chains and aligning with Mobil gas stations, Dunkin Donuts strategy sets direction for an entire organization and sets direction for a business division or product/service line. Dunkin Donuts is operating in ways to allow the organization to outperform its rivals. Dunkin Donuts is more than just dounts and coffee. It has tapped into other resources such as lunch menus and breakfast sandwiches; with this type of implementation I anticipate Dunkin Donuts has mastered its plan for growth to be achieved. They strive for the right balance of products to win new and maintain current customers....
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