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In general, all types of personal selling helps to win customers, but is it effective customer service that is especially critical in keeping them and it is key to building repeat business. Dr. Glenn Motyka has a positive reputation as a health and nutrition guru and his website which he sells customers vitamins under his own name is very popular and has quite a following and a solid customer base. DrGlen.com has marketed their website to potential and returning customers who keep coming back for Dr. Glen recommendations and information on their products based on each customers medical history and background as well as their ever popular packages that contain daily doses of their products. For anyone selling a product this marketing plan is right on the money and helps keep a strong customer base. Their weakness falls in the marketing on their websites inviting customers to participate in surveys about their health and wellness but not keeping this information in a central database which can be cross-referenced and brought up with future surveys that are offered. In this day and age there are many vitamin manufacturers and retailers in stores and online Competition is fierce and to establish a returning customer base based on trust and good quality products will keep you in business for years to come. In this case study DrGlenn.com seems to have a glitch in their system for ordering. The complaint letter written by Julia Rezvani complained of such a situation. Automatic refills are very popular today with many drug companies and vitamin companies and it's a wonderful way to help repeat
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