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Unit 10 Final Project Intermediate Accounting

Unit 10 Final Project Intermediate Accounting - WRITING...

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WRITING ASSIGNMENT AC300 Intermediate Accounting I Prof: Jaclyn Felder-Strauss Catrina Adams-Young May 22, 2011
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I feel that the key concepts and topics that I learned in this course will help me in the business and career field that I am going into, by having better knowledge of the procedures involved in Accounting. I feel that learning the present value and future values will be a big help when I become an accountant. I liked learning the steps of the worksheet and combining it all together and figuring out the balances and where they go on each financial statement. Learning the Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Statement of Owner's Equity, and the Statement of Cash Flows, was the highlight to me. I loved knowing the procedures for these financial statements and learning how they all compliment each other learning about the IFRS and the GAAP standards was a big help. I have had some difficulties with figuring out the word problems that we have had in the course. But, since then I have researched and reread the chapters to get a better understanding of what
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