Week 4 discussion question #1

Week 4 discussion question #1 - ex of mind and I were...

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The history of slavery is sad to look back on; evolution has made the present day a much better place for Whites and Blacks to live life as equals. However evolution comes in two forms, good and bad. I wish we could all look at evolution as us growing up and making the world a more positive place, but it just does not look like this is the case. I believe that things are better than they were when slavery was acceptable, however as much as we want to believe every thing is perfect; it isn’t. There is a large group that has moved on from the hurt and the anger of what their ancestors had to go through, but there is also a group that still holds onto the hurt, the anger, and the want for revenge against anyone who is white. I will use a give a personal experience to show as an example. An
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Unformatted text preview: ex of mind and I were walking though a store, having a great conversation minding our own business when a African American woman ran up to me and rammed me into a wall. She stated to me “your kind has done enough damage to us, how much more do you want to take from us” and then walked away. This was the first time I had ever run into this type of a situation and I was speechless (which is hard to imagine for me). This lady was obviously angry about something that had been done to her or her family and from her comment it must have been a “White” person that had done it. I believe evolution has helped, but there are still some groups that are holding onto anger and hostility....
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