Blood Disorders - Blood Disorders Jennifer Hill June 26,...

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Blood Disorders Jennifer Hill June 26, 2011
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When having a blood disorder it is because of one or more things; it could be your body’s red, white blood cells, could be plasma, or platelets. There are three different scenarios that are diagnosed with different blood disorders. The first scenario is Amy she is a 4 year old Caucasian female, she has been complaining of being tired all the time and is very pale. She is a very picky eater and will only eat pasta, bread, hot dogs, drinks that have artificial fruit punch. It sounds like Amy is suffering from Anemia. Suffering from Anemia makes your body have a low count of red blood cells. That makes the skin pale and makes the patient tired all the time with shortness of breath. The reason someone that is diagnosed with Anemia is because their Iron levels are very low and it can be caused by the medicine that they are taking, hormones can be another factor. This type of Anemia is determined by the treatment, which in this case the reason Amy’s Iron levels are so low is because of her diet. The treatment would be to give her some iron pills or for her meals during the day include iron enriched foods like, broccoli, raisins, red meat, fish, and soybeans.
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Blood Disorders - Blood Disorders Jennifer Hill June 26,...

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