Blood - the red cells which gives blood red color Enough amounts of red cells with normal hemoglobin is necessary to supply good oxygen to the body

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Plasma Plasma is liquid part of the blood which has around 90% water in it. This water can exchange with cells inside and outside to keep hydration normal and also to transport electrolytes. It has different proteins in it which are about 7 percent of plasma volume. These include antibodies necessary to fight infections. Apart from proteins and water, other components of plasma are electrolytes, hormones, glucose, amino acids (basic unit of proteins) lipids, waste products like urea, ammonia etc. It is the plasma which gives blood a liquid shape and flow. Red Blood Cells These are the red colored cells which transport mainly gases like oxygen, carbon dioxide, carbon mono oxide to and from the body cells and exchange these gases in the lungs when we breath. Red cells also carry mainly potassium. It is because of hemoglobin in
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Unformatted text preview: the red cells which gives blood red color. Enough amounts of red cells with normal hemoglobin is necessary to supply good oxygen to the body cells. Platelets Platelets are basically clumping cells of the blood which keeps the blood inside the blood vessels and does not let it leak out in tissues. When we get a cut, it is basically platelets which form a plug in the bleeding vessel and blood clot is formed. These also transport and store chemicals like histamine, epinephrine etc. Platelets number should stay within normal limits of 150,000 to 450,000 in order for blood to flow and function normally. If this number becomes very low, there is risk of internal bleeding. if it becomes too high, there is risk of clumping of cells inside the blood vessels which is dangerous also....
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