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A: Patients symptoms as provided by the patient: “I have noticed a slight yellowing to my skin. I have lost my appetite  and have a temperature. I am nauseous and this has been going on for about two weeks. I thought I had the flu but I  just cannot seem to shake it. I ruled out food poisoning because the last time I ate bad seafood was about four weeks  ago. I am miserable!! What's wrong with me?” After reviewing the patients symptoms that he has told me it seems to me that he might have Hepatitis A. Since having  yellowish skin, fever, and not eating. The test that I will run is just a simple blood test. If it does come back positive for  Hepatitis A there is not cure or treatment but following up on liver functions and to monitor it so we know there is not 
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Unformatted text preview: lasting damage to the patient’s liver and that your body is recovering from it. There is a vaccination for Hepatitis A that is given to babies starting at a year old and so on. After that keeping a good hygiene, washing of your hands frequently, is a simple and common prevention of Hepatitis A. After reading the posts I would have to agree with everyone else that this patient has Hepatitis A and to note that counties that they are living in that has hardly any sanitation as an increasing number of people that can get Hepatitis A, drug users that share the same needle, and even man on man sexual relationships....
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