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WEEK 1 EFFECTS ON RELIGION - around the town As for diving...

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Religion may affect people in many different ways it can either unite the community or even divide them. There are so many examples that show us how a religion can unite people. In the middle ages the Catholics were the center of any large town or the city. Everyone that lived near any of the churches would hear the church bells throughout. The bells would ring for all types of occasions like, Births, deaths, and weddings. Sundays would be mass which is a regular routine, and since the Catholic Church strengthened the church waned over the years in the town and it has remained. Now in this time towns and cities still go by the church bells that will sound off the time and also for any occasion. It was created for the church and for the families
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Unformatted text preview: around the town. As for diving a town or a city can also happen as fast as that town or city united and most of the time the reason for something like this happening is wars. Religious wars happen all the time and have happened for thousands of years. Millions of people have died defending what they believe over the other person’s belief. Ireland has been divided by the Irish Catholic that is in their town and/or city. It was so bad that there were killings as a sacrifice for God and they thought it needed to be done. Even the children in classrooms would avoid certain children because of their religious beliefs. Americans judge Muslims more than we used to because of the trust issue on the religious beliefs....
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