wk 4 APP B - Create a list of 10 questions you would like...

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Axia College Material Appendix B 7 Question Final Project Plan What religion would you like to consider for your final project? Describe the place of worship you will visit. Catholics What do you already know about this topic? They are Roman Catholics, they do mass What resource will you use to find a place of worship for this religion? A friend that is a catholic and Internet sources. What are some sources you could use to gain more knowledge about this religion? Well internet, my friend, and the priest. What type of materials do you expect to review for this project? Going to the church How will you gain access to the materials you need? Internet and meeting my friend. What difficulties do you anticipate in conducting an interview with someone of this faith? Finding the time since I only see her once a week. I can always call her.
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Unformatted text preview: Create a list of 10 questions you would like to ask during the interview. 1. How long have you been of this religion? 2. Do we read the same bible? 3. What does it mean to light a candle? 4. How would you say being Catholic is different from being a Baptist? 5. What is your church like? 6. What do you do differently when at church? 7. Do you have a confessions booth? 8. Has your family always been Catholic? 9. Why do Catholics believe that God is three Persons, called the Holy Trinity? How can God be three Persons and still be one God? 10. The Bible says that after Christ was baptized He ``came out of the water'' ( Matt. 3:16), indicating that He was baptized by total immersion. Why HUM 130 doesn't the Catholic Church also baptize by total immersion instead of by pouring on the head? HUM 130...
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wk 4 APP B - Create a list of 10 questions you would like...

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