Ivan.Rivera6.MM305_Unit2_Project - b. Using Excel construct...

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MM305 Quantitative Analysis for Managers Unit 2 Project Please download this document to your computer and save it using the naming  convention specified in the course syllabus.  After completing and saving the project  problems, submit your project in the Drop Box for Unit 2. 1. An article (R. Richmond, “Anatomy of a Threat.” The Wall Street Journal, February 13, 2006,  pp R5, R6) discussed the costs companies face in defending their networks from attack. The  following table provides the breakdown in costs: Cost Percentage Consulting 7.6 Hardware tools 8.2 Labor 25.9 Lost business/revenue 23.6 Nonproductive employee time 15.5 Software tools 14.2 Other 5.0 a. Do you think this chart should have been presented with the percentages in order? Why?
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Unformatted text preview: b. Using Excel construct a bar chart, a pie chart, and a Pareto Chart. Which graphical method do you think is best to portray these data? What conclusions can you reach concerning the costs companies face in defending their networks from attack? 2. Using Excel Add-in Data Analysis and the following data: X = Years with company Y = Shares of company stock 6 300 12 408 14 560 6 252 9 288 13 650 15 630 9 522 a. What are the measures of central tendency and the standard deviation for both the X and Y data? b. What is the correlation between X and Y? c. Create a Scatter Diagram for these data. d. How would you describe this correlation?...
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Ivan.Rivera6.MM305_Unit2_Project - b. Using Excel construct...

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