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Ivan.Rivera6.QA-MM305-01,Unit1_Project - MM305 Quantitative...

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MM305 Quantitative Analysis for Managers Unit 1 Project Ivan Rivera6 1. LaTasha has started her own custom T-Shirt company, T's T's, which produces silk screened T-shirts for various occasions and organizations; as well as a brisk walk-in trade. Her shop is located in a small beach community in Florida. Since she has just started she is renting the equipment from a large firm in Jacksonville. The cost of renting the equipment is $500. The material used in one custom T-shirt costs $4.50, and LaTasha is selling the T- shirts for $12 each. a. If LaTasha sells 50 shirts, 1. What will her total revenue be? I got $375 2. What will her total cost be? $950 b. How many shirts must LaTasha sell to break even? 100 c. What is the total revenue at the break-even point? $750 Ivan Rivera 1/11/11 MM305 - QA Class Unit 1 Breakeven Analysis Data T-shirt Fixed cost 500 Variable cost 4.5 Revenue 7.5 Volume(optional) 50
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Results Breakeven points Units 50 Dollars $ 725.00 Volume Analysis @ 50 units Costs $ 725.00
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Ivan.Rivera6.QA-MM305-01,Unit1_Project - MM305 Quantitative...

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