MT2_B_2006_solutions - 2R03 Midterm 2B Fri Nov 10, '06...

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2R03 Midterm 2B – Fri Nov 10, ’06 – Number of pages 4 + Solutions Read this first : (I) Leave all your bags in the front of the room close to the main desk. (II) Write your name here: FIRST ____________________ LAST _____________________ (III) Fill in your personal data in the scantron sheet (IV) Make sure you write and bubble–in your student number (V) Make sure you sign your scantron sheet (VI) Read the marking directions on the scantron sheet (VII) Use an HB black lead pencil. If you don't have a pencil, get one from us (VIII) Please have your student card clearly visible on your desk (IX) You can use a scientific calculator (McMaster standard Casio FX–991). Use of more advanced calculators is not allowed. (X) You can write on these sheets including the back side. If you need additional sheets, let us know. You cannot use your own sheets. (XI) There are three versions of the test, make sure for question 1 you mark the correct version. (XII) There are 13 questions, so you should have 14 "answers" when finished. (XIII) Choose only one option per exercise. (XIV) Each exercise but the last is worth four points. The last exercise ( i.e. question 14) is worth 2 points. (XV) Treat all gases and mixtures as ideal unless otherwise specified (XVI) You have time until 12:25 maximum unless otherwise specified (XVII) When you are finished, turn the scantron sheet and these sheets upside–down, leave them on the table, and raise your hand until a TA sees you. Once the TA has reached your desk please leave the classroom very quietly WITHOUT TALKING . You CANNOT take these sheets with you . (XVIII) We are very serious about academic dishonesty and we also use statistical correlative methods to help identify dishonest students. ***Use the following data where appropriate: The Helmholtz free energy is A = U - TS ; R = 8.31 J/(K mol) Vaporization enthalpies: vap H o (Ethanol ( l )) = 40 kJ/mol ATP Hydrolysis : ATP + H2O ADP + Pi with G = -31 kJ/mol Vapor Pressure of pure water at 25 o C = 0.03 atm 1. This is version A. Please mark circle A for exercise 1 of the scantron sheet. 2.
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MT2_B_2006_solutions - 2R03 Midterm 2B Fri Nov 10, '06...

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