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test 2.4 - ‘ Name h Student Number_~ ‘ 3 What is...

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Unformatted text preview: ‘ Name: h - Student Number:_~ ‘ 3. What is afltosis and how is this induced in a target cei! by a Bell? p\P°€{'OSgS ;S the gait-i PV°5rmWB %€/c\+h 9*? ca Ge“. 11‘ "nmroive s ErupioSco‘h, mambkmt bxglpbwj) wd huokcv {Wynfihmm +9 mimd ”if/QR 0? hQPmPLA autism-‘5 mm?) 3;) IS Sold ‘i’Cr 37¢ [ml/Ni hoi 05‘5““:5 K “48+ 0 L.) It does mt i-caé +0 ‘ihcchSed \hflwmmd—otfl resthse wow/«3 view) a“. "E-cells Medici-c theog‘costg b3 USun *sze S'i’kwhbntg? Q Pefigvth\9“'vé3‘“{ ~ (JEYFUHK Pg bmvtiej +0 drown their“ bvm Fovjfi/t Smhzg W Cbgf:fi:mm cfimlrmi) egtvs *5 54*er 666ch cuwfik J c Whit/0‘“) "”9““2‘) lcfily‘; u . G ciao “MAD UP DA) Pr it'd—O ZOth/tvfi-Smw't? ®pQ5L/vé5 " F‘RS \‘sfiv‘dl Uh 'Tvce“ ism/«)5 Ara JFK race?!” 0‘" +m’5fi thfi‘g 12H» Assamcired dame Mflonfi which "whet-cs TH some cascade as. Weave I ’r! ‘11 @TNP% - “Mr—u mews f5 7,56“ [9de +0 "NF "“6“" gng‘j TRHDD Gram—k dew-Hg. “Luck acts 5im\o\r T8 F9001 4. What type of immune response Will develop after a helminth (worm) infection and how does this lead to destruction or eradication of the parasite. r? 155/ WM“ ‘3 " “‘th kehhmi—In werhn :5 ch exi’re‘ceiluiw We 3° 3+ wodid hi 9)! 996+“) ”H/‘Gd' +lNLH WOUk‘S be Oxh A t-h verifier-s O‘F ‘H‘E branch (IE adafi‘b‘t immiwhj)‘ plchvd-td 1:"me (re-“5 thi Secvc‘i‘i mwhbodus WWQ‘F‘ blhs +8 Jrlne Pc‘rnsfirc “1'0 cause hfiuw‘icfiloh‘ aw) mm?\tVM§’/°‘m\M\m' RISO J :31; Withdms WI“ ac’iivfi‘l‘e 8% WA lano-S‘i‘ M which (“A 'V‘ dés‘i'rjbib 'H‘V; P‘d—hoji’l“. Lpfibs wt“ “blue it! Pams‘it OWN?) hw’fl'clnc‘v‘ovx, WW (floats-947,05, Pave "Iad’rlav LDcomplerhth+ W" 9‘5th: numb ”‘9- WC" Pores cow‘s—(9 155a; ' Tm “5PM“ w“ be {gearing} ewwes' mmwx IMMUNE beam: 1w mu Produce THU/mu; whisk mam “LL—t0 Hui when in areavmnam OF THE ceils. TH? CUJLeHs “mare [5» 6e” (humoran Fmvuuwij MAR THi‘L WM haw e46 baht/cite) macrofkgagj [60313. rum ‘T‘nct no Nmmmhpr 0‘“ ’mmn prof-I. A n+‘< ...
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