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test 1.5 - Name w Student Numberg‘k A Section C — Mix...

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Unformatted text preview: Name: w Student Numberg‘k A ,. _ Section C — Mix and Match. (8 marks) You must place a letter (e.g.' A) next to the corresponding word or phrase that best “matches” th two phrases. HINT: Some terms may have multiple associations, but some will not. Thus there can only be one correct solution of answers. Solve by process of elimination. |—-> Place corresponding letter here —1 Release histamine—containing granule: L1p1d Mediator of Inflammation F H Active against Ab- coated parasites J E anary lymphoid tissuev ED Neutrophil recruitmentJ C Receptor for Complement (“C-1- q)m 9‘ Prostaglande G Neutralization ‘ g Activates vascular endothelium osmop 1 3/ G L <3; <1 ...
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