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Test 1.1 - Name 4 A Student Number 7.-fl FUNDAMENTALS OF...

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Unformatted text preview: Name: 4* A Student Number: _ _ 7, -_.»-fl: FUNDAMENTALS OF IMMUNOLOGY Instructions: Use only PEN to complete the test (pencil WILL NOT be remarked). ‘ Please read every question carefully and completely. Section A — Fill-in—the-blank. (22 marks) Fill in the blank with the most correct word or phrase. Each blank is worth 1 mark. 1. Besides the immune cells and antibodies we’ve learned about, the body has many ‘innate’, physical and chemical defenses, sometimes specific to compartments (6. g. mucosal surfaces) that repel the vast majority of potential pathogens. (3 marks) List three of these physical or chemical defenses: Russ; M ls‘lromoeh low E” 1 Tight Somehow :h__ ¢Qiimligm E L so: me. mm»; cuisines) 2. The study of innate immunity has been revitalized due to better appreciation for the importance of non-specific antigen recognition in shaping the overall innnune response. (6 marks) Toll-like receptors (TLR) are one subfamily of a larger family of Pattern RE%‘ ““105 «ace 5 receptors that bind macromolecules with conserved pathogen- associated molecularyems, for example LPS Ll pnglgsmhmae) , and cls KN Pt ; TLRs are expressed by most cells of the igng’ie 1/ immune system, for example m achets . a? mint: Tact £1 not 731 9mm Page 1 of 7 ...
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