HTH SCI 4II3 First Midterm (With answers)

HTH SCI 4II3 First Midterm (With answers) - HTH SCI 4II3...

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HTH SCI 4II3 1 st Midterm (Winter 2010) Part 1: True/False (1mark each) 1. IDDM is an autoimmune disorder that results from Type IV hypersensitivity. In this disease, CD4+ T cells responding to beta cell antigens support a Th1 inflammatory response, which eventually leads to beta cell killing by CD8+ T cells. TRUE 2. One of the newer approaches to treating RA involves the use of biologics such as Infliximab (an anti-IFNg Ab) and Enbrel (an IFNg receptor analogue)FALSE (not IFNg, but TNF a) 3. Two innate mechanisms for preventing luminal pathogens from crossing the epithelial barrier include the secretion of a-defensins by paneth cells and mucosa barrier. TRUE 4. RA is an organ specific autoimmune disease, whereas myasthenia gravis is considered a systemic disease. FALSE (Myasthenia gravis is an organ specific disease, directed towards myelin protein) 5. Th1 cells release cytokines that results in an increased production of eosinophils and mast cells in bone marrow. FALSE (Th2 cells) 6. COPD is characterized by neutrophilia and reversible airway obstruction. FALSE (irreversible airway obstruction) 7. Determine which of the following statement is true or false, and select the correct combination. a) The class I MHC genes in humans are more frequently associated with autoimmune diseases than the class II MHC genes FALSE b) The human MHC gene products determine all the genetic contribution to autoimmune disease FALSE c) Environmental triggers for diseases such as IDDM play a large role in determining whether disease will occur, because concordance of disease with genetically identical twins is not 100% TRUE d) Type III hypersensitivity in autoimmunity includes mechanisms of direct recognition of self Ag by IgG Ab, but pathology is manifest by deposition of immune complexes in target organs such as kidneys. TRUE 8. RA is a chronic inflammatory disease and antigen –specific immunosuppressive treatment has
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HTH SCI 4II3 First Midterm (With answers) - HTH SCI 4II3...

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