Main module - Set salary excess is <=1499.99 +(...

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Main module Declare Salary Amount as string Declare Base ,Excess, Salary as real Write “payroll Program” Write “This program computes the tax on payroll,” Call Input Data Module Call Output Module End Main ModuleWrite Input Data module Write "Enter Salary" Input Salary If (salary<=(1499.99) Set base_tax=0 Set excess_tax=salary Set rate=.15 else If (salary<=(2999.99) Set base_tax=225.00 Set excess_tax=Salary-1500 Set rate=.16 Else if (salary<=(4999.99 ) Set base_tax=465.00 Set excess_tax= Salary-3000.00 Set rate=.18 Else if(salary<=( 7999.99 ) Set base_tax=825.00 Set excess_tax= Salary-5000.00 End if Perform Calculations module
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Unformatted text preview: Set salary excess is &lt;=1499.99 +( input) + 15% If salary excess is 1500.00 &lt; 2999.99 +(input)+16% +225.00 if16% +465.00 If18% +825.00 Output Results module Write salary tax: ,tax...
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Main module - Set salary excess is &amp;amp;lt;=1499.99 +(...

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