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Phil 330 Exam Hinduism terms: Vedic Hinduism Dravidians: 1. Dravidians: 2500-1800 BCE A. Language and Advanced Civilization B. Temple rites and other religious rituals C. Fertility earth goddess and sky god (sky father-yoga?, earth mother-fat) D. Pratice of Yoga and meditation Aryans, brought vedic religion, Aryans (Indo Europeans, Western Russia): 1500 BCE Aryan Society-conquered Dravidians Rajas, (kings) Rishis, (seers) saint, sage, or poet Devas (Indra (weather/war, thunder), Agni (fire, messenger), Varuna(sky, rain, celestial ocean, law, underworld, highest heaven god, Moral divinity, similar to western god, punishes/rewards people ), Rita, Rita (right)-Law of order in the cosmos (no chaos) Soma, hallucinogenic drink for religious purposes Yama/Vishnu Life after death: Yama (boring place) and Vishnu (nice place) Four Castes (Eng.), i. Four castes: settled into India 1. priests-Brahins, 2. nobles/warriors, 3. commoners, 4. servants (former Dravidians) Four Vedas (Eng.) Scripture: Four Vedas: (things we know) -Rig Veda: hymns to gods (polythesitc) -Yajur Veda: material to the gods -Sama Veda: material for chants Atharva Veda: prayers, spells, etc
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Shruti ( early writings, (what is heard): Early Vedas, Brahmanas, Aranyakas, and Upanishads Smiriti (later writings) What is remembered) Epics, Sutras, Puranas Upanishadic Hinduism: Atman, (self, soul) Brahman, (pure being consciousness and bliss) Sat-cit-ananda, words used to describe Brahman to a liberated Yogi Sat=Being, they exist (vs beings) Cit=Pure consciousness (vs forms of consc.) Ananda=Bliss (vs states of happiness) Karma, actions in our lives dictating rebirth Maya, a. “power” or “illusion” b. Reality vs. Appearance-salt in water example World is not really how we see it-snake/rope example Rebirth, reincarnation based upon previous life’s karma Moksha, (need for liberation of rebirth) a. seeing through the illusion of maya: Freedom and Fulfillment
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Phil 330 Exam 1 - Phil 330 Exam Hinduism terms: Vedic...

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