Learning Team Week 3 - Discuss two to three technologies...

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Discuss two to three technologies you might utilize to facilitate group communication. What are the advantages and disadvantages of using each? I. Email Advantages: Quick delivery and reply of messages this allows the receiver and the sender to maintain the line of thought Convenient because it allows you to connect worldwide and you don’t have to wait on hold for the other party to answer. Can contact a group of people at once. Allowing internal memos to flow with ease in a company and reaching the parties you need to contact. No limit on how short or how long the message should be it would seem ridiculous to send a one line letter to someone in the post, but on email this is acceptable. Can attach large documents and other files with a click of a button and without using up resources like paper or delivery service. Doesn't use any paper so it helps the company lower the expense of paper and it’s good for the environment Disadvantages: Less social contact with people. Social skills won't be as well developed and the personal experience would be missed less hand-writing practice. Can be bad for your eyes if you spend too long sending e-mails on your computer. By straining the eye the user might get headaches and/or migraines Messages may be misinterpreted easily. Because of its formality or informality the other party may not understand the massage sent. .. Abbreviated language may become common practice for some people and the receiver might not understand or may misinterpret the massage received.
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Can provide an easy way to spread viruses to computers. In most cases computer users don’t have sufficient antivirus or spam protection. Allowing Trojans, worms and other type of viruses in your system. Can be easy to make a "typo" and say the wrong thing, or send the email to the wrong person.
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Learning Team Week 3 - Discuss two to three technologies...

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