material matrix - Percentages the amount of sales or profit...

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Forms of Supporting Material Matrix COMM/110 Version 5 1 University of Phoenix Material Forms of Supporting Material Matrix After reviewing the Week Four readings, complete the following matrix related to various forms of supporting material used in public speaking. Write your answers to the two questions in the following matrix. Form of Supporting Material Describe Provide an Example Brief Examples Brief examples help the person understand the material better because you will overwhelm them with much information Bullets images videos Extended Examples These types of examples in which get the audience board and don't understand the material Biographies Hypothetical Examples hypothetical examples are just theories in which you need to conclude any the audience to understand them for such conclusion If the water is hot can it boil? Statistics these are graphs and numbers that help the audience understand what you are trying to talk about people retain numbers but in the words
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Unformatted text preview: Percentages, the amount of sales or profit Expert Testimony expert testimonies are citations of people that have studied or professionals on the material you're using it helps validate the presentation with professionalism from doctors lawyers judges Peer Testimony dear testimonies are people that understand the problem the problem or the situation or the material you're presenting our people that work or have a small expertise on this matter from friends coworkers or anybody that comes around from street 1. Why do you need supporting materials in your speeches? You need supporting materials to validate the information that you're presenting this helps in making the presentation more professional 2. How does your audience analysis help you to determine the type of supporting material you select? It depends on the audience with some audience videos are better suited but with other types of audiences still images work better...
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material matrix - Percentages the amount of sales or profit...

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