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Individual Take-Home Midterm Examination #2 The first news that retrieved from IQNewsClip database is about the Red Shirts protester that was planning to have a rally on Jan, 23 rd . (1) This news is a political environment, as we all know that Red Shirt protesters was up against PM Abhisit Vejjajiva. (2) So, there are a lot of businesses affected by this action. First of all, that area is the central of Bangkok that has a lot of department stores, and hotels. Travel industry was directly affected by this action because the protesters caused traffic jam, and there were violence occurred by this group of people, this conflict made the people doubt about their security and made them not going there. Also, the invesment that will be made in Thailand might be affected indirectly because of the suspicion from the investors that the conflict will keep continue and trouble the businesses around or overall economy. The second news that retrieved from IQNewsClip database is about a Real Estate company in Thailand that planned to open three big projects that valued over two thousand million baht. (1) In my opinion, this could be counted as Social and Competitive Environmental forces. Buying a house is a major decision and the probability that they will buy more than one house in a short period of time is very low, so each company ill have to compete to take their customers or market share, that is the reason why I think it is a competitive environment. (2) The real estate company will be affected if there are existed companies in the area. Also, I’m seeing this news as a societal environment as well because the villas come with a lot of new residents, so that there are a huge potential for new businesses in the service industry such as markets, convenient stores, salon, etc. Theses businesses are needed in order to support the lifestyle of the new residents. The third news that retrieved from IQNewsClip database is about a new airport in Vietnam. (1) First of all, this is both social and political environment. The reason that it is a social environment because it make changes to the society around, make changes to the local people’s previous behavior or cultural. Also, a major project as an Airport must run by the government and they have to decide where the airport should be located or the regulations that has to be made. (2) This opening airport will directly affect the travel industry because the transportation from/to the airport will be necessary. Also, the hotels and restaurants will have an opportunity to open a new business or will have more potential of receiving more customers from the airport. 1
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Individual Take2 - 1 Taveechai Karuchit 5280388 Individual...

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