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Cornelio 1 John Cornelio Mr. Newland HRE4MU November 5, 2010 Excellence Ethics is a requirement for human life. It is humankind’s means of deciding a course of action. Without it, actions would be random and aimless or the tendency of having no goal. In addition, it gives vision towards the action. There are six aspects in each person’s lives to become a moral agent: the importance of others, the importance of having a direction in life, the importance of communication and language, the importance of character and one’s body, the importance of conscience and the importance of the development of one’s conscience. Actions are the most important building blocks of a person’s self-identity and direction in life. It is important to be ethical. It helps us make good choices and directs us through the concept of good and evil. Moreover, ethical leaders help keep nations and cultures from descending into anarchy. For instance, Martin Luther King, the man who fought for civil rights, is a good ethical archetype. He is the man of words who unchained the freedom of black people in America that were constrained to slavery.
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Cornelio 2 He knows that it is wrong to put people in the state of slavery. With his powerful words, which is an example of importance and language, he successfully opened up liberty to the black people who were subjected to racial discrimination. This portrays human excellence. Without his actions, chaos and hostility will still prevail
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beingtherenewland - Cornelio 1 John Cornelio Mr Newland...

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