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Cornelio 1 John Cornelio Ms. Milanovich ENG-4U1 September 21, 2010 McDonalds I am so drained out and hungry after playing basketball in this blistering hot and boiling day. As hungry as a wolf, I can eat a whole bunch of food in this kind of situation. Stomach rumbling, overworked legs, and exhaustion are awfully an unpleasant feeling. On my way home, I catch a sight of McDonalds, few blocks away while walking. So eager to eat, I cruise to the store. As soon as I entered, the tempting smell of fries seduced me and drifted to my nose, compelling me to buy one. I am waiting in the line anxiously and deliberately thinking what to get. It is my turn to order and I still do not know what to choose bus as I turn around I see this
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Unformatted text preview: sizzling, mouthwatering burger in the grill and I decide to take it. The aroma of it makes me feel like flying in heaven. I hold it tightly, ready to eat and I can sense the oil dripping into my fingers. As I take my first bite, the savory burger is strikingly delicious and irresistible as I crunch it in my teeth that I would buy another one until I am pleased. I smell the packet of fries, look at its yellow rectangular shape, put them into my mouth and hear the slight crispy sound when I munch it. It is like god send a gift as it is amazingly tasty and delightful. I heard my burp echoing in the air indicating the full satisfaction that I got....
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