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Cornelio 1 John Cornelio Mr. Newland HRE4MU November 14, 2010 Moses Goes To The Movies The call of Moses is a perfect illustration that God will work with anyone who is willing to enter his realm. God perfectly led Moses every step of the way the minute he decided to accept God’s call on his life. In addition, if God did all of this for Moses, he will do it for each and every Christian who will fully surrender their lives over to him and are willing to be led by the Holy Spirit on a daily basis. Moses' story proves that God can and will take each Christian on their own unique, individual and exciting journey with him if they would only be willing to take that leap of faith and fully surrender their entire lives. Both movies, Romero by John Duigan and The Book of Eli by Gary Whitta perfectly portray a call story. In the movie, Romero, Archbishop Oscar Romero of El Salvador , makes a stand up against the corruption in the country. El Salvadoran government wanted an archbishop that would agree with their way of doing things, not interfering with the way things were run but he betray them. The poor never expected the Archbishop to take their side and a voice that would fight against their human rights. However, in the movie, The Book of Eli , Eli played by Denzel Washington, a nomad in a post-apocalyptic world had a mission to deliver the sacred tome which is the last remaining Bible that can bring civilization back from the brink of destruction and save the future of humanity. Throughout both movies, the call story is prominent as they carry out their mission. The first segment of the call story is confrontation of God. For Oscar Romero, it takes place when he was appointed as archbishop. Oscar Romero was nominated to take the job as
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Cornelio 2 Arch Bishop, because the other bishops saw him as a quiet man and a bookworm. They wanted someone who would stay conservative and not start anything. He started receiving many gifts from the richer people, and went to their parties, but as time went on he started to think more as if what they were doing was right. At first, he refuses to be an archbishop because he thinks that he is not qualified and the public will not support him. He questions the priest in the church about his appointment as an archbishop, “What should I do?” The priest shook his head and said, “What God wants.” After that scene, he finally authorize himself as an archbishop through God. For Eli, it takes place when he sees the Bible. After the catastrophic destruction of the nuclear war, Eli holds the last Bible in the world knowing that he has power that can bring back order to humanity. There is no civilization and no law. The roads belong to gangs that would murder a man for his shoes and canteen of water. Eli becomes a warrior to preserve and protect the bible from the gangs. Furthermore, this uproots Oscar Romero and Eli’s lives that calls them away from being an ordinary man. The second segment of the call story is the introductory speech. For Oscar Romero, it
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religion - Cornelio 1 John Cornelio Mr. Newland HRE4MU...

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