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Edward Arking PS-376-01 April 20, 2011 Professor Sarsar “Man In The Shadows” Efraim Halevy wrote the book “Man In the Shadows” in 2006. Halevy was born in London in 1934 and grew up during World War II. Halevy moved to what was known as Palestine in 1948. One month after he moved, the state of Israel declared its independence as a State. Halevy joined the Mossad in 1961 and served as a combination analyst, case officer, and executive department head until 1967. At that point Halevy became deputy division chief. From that point on Efraim Halevy was a member of the governing body of the Mossad for the next twenty-eight years. Halevy also worked in Washington under the ambassador Yitzhak Rabin, who later served as Israel’s Prime Minister. Halevy’s final years were spent as deputy chief of the Mossad. Efraim Halevy stopped his career as a deputy chief of the Mossad in October of 1995. Throughout this book Efraim goes through many obstacles to obtain peace amongst surrounding countries and describes his point of view of this crisis. Efraim Halevy gives an autobiography of his position in the Mossad and how he
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governed his decisions. A chapter that caught my attention was the relations between Israel and Jordan rising from the Mossad failing an assassination mission to kill a Hamas leader. This failed mission was called the “Khaled Mashal incident” this incident caused a lot of tensions between the two countries. The crisis between these two countries led to a lot of focus towards Jordan
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Man in the shadowws - Edward Arking PS-376-01 Professor...

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