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assignment week.6 - The recommendation definitely changed...

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WEEK 6 ASSIGNMENT The calculator said that leasing was best for me in most cases. I like getting new things and I like changes. I think that is why leasing might be good for me however, I like having a goal to pay things off and this would be hard for me to do in leasing. I think that my payments at the moment with the car that I purchased are borderline high. They are a little high for my budget but I have worked with it for so long that it is easy for me to pay. This car that I purchased is by far the best car that I have ever had. It is great on gas and traveling, very comfortable and roomy. I do not want to purchase another car anytime soon. I have been paying on my car for almost two years and I am still completely satisfied.
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Unformatted text preview: The recommendation definitely changed the way I look at leasing. I think that I might actually look into it for my next car. Like I said right now I am happy with my car but maybe my next I will lease. I wouldn’t mind having lower payments and being able to get something new every few years. Also since buying a vehicle is the worst investment I think that leasing might suit me better. I have always believed that renting a home is a dumb idea because owning a home is the best investment and buying a car is the worst. So why am I doing the opposite? I am renting a home and buying my car. Maybe in the next few years I will change it around. I am definitely more interested in lease and I am going to consider it for my future....
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