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the electron is further away more shielding periodic

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Unformatted text preview: e First Ionization energy H He has a greater IE than H. same shielding greater nuclear charge Atomic number He Ne N F q Na First Ionization energy H Be B C O Li Na has a lower IE than Li q Both are s1 q Na has more shielding q Greater distance Atomic number H to Br First Ionization energy kJ/mol Atomic number Driving Force Full Energy Levels require lots of energy to remove their electrons. Noble Gases have full orbitals. Atoms behave in ways to achieve noble gas configuration. 2nd Ionization Energy For elements that reach a filled or halffilled orbital by removing 2 electrons, 2nd IE is lower than expected. True for s2 Alkaline earth metals form 2+ ions. 3rd IE Using the same logic s2p1 atoms have an low 3rd IE. Atoms in the aluminum family form 3+ ions. 2nd IE and 3rd IE are always higher than 1st IE!!! Trends in Electron Affinity The energy change associated with adding an electron to a gaseous atom. Easiest to add to group 7A. Gets them to full energy level. Increase from left to right:...
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