Metals form ions with the configuration of the noble

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Unformatted text preview: get smaller. Energy level changes between anions and cations. Li1+ Be B 2+ 3+ N3- O2- F1- C4+ Size of Isoelectronic ions Iso means the same Iso electronic ions have the same # of electrons Al3+ Mg2+ Na1+ Ne F1 O2 and N3 all have 10 electrons all have the configuration: 1s22s22p6 Size of Isoelectronic ions Positive ions that have more protons would be smaller. Ne F1O2N3- Al3+ Na1+ Mg2+ Electronegativity The tendency for an atom to attract electrons to itself when it is chemically combined with another element. How fair is the sharing? Big electronegativity means it pulls the electron toward it. Atoms with large negative electron affinity have larger electronegativity. Electronegativity Video Group Trend The further down a group, the farther the electron is away, and the more electrons an atom has. More willing to share. Low electronegativity. Metals are at the left of the table. They let their electrons go easily Low electronegativity At the right end are the nonmetals. They want more electr...
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