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220 - needed to be to make straight 100s’ I would...

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Since I have taken these writing courses I have learned a lot of material that I will take with me throughout the rest of my educational experience. The best advice I could give to the future students taking this course is pay attention. The instructors are here to help you and don’t be afraid to ask for it at any time. I have also learned that not asking can and will do more damage not only to you as a student but to your writing as well. If I was starting this course I would write more bogus papers and turn them into the write point to get myself were I
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Unformatted text preview: needed to be to make straight 100s’. I would defiantly focus on my grammar on a more regular basis since this writing reflects my character. I would focus less on trying to think if the teacher or instructor will approve of my writing skills since all I need to do is listen and follow the instructors’ advice and I will do fine. In the future I will incorporate these things to better assist me in not only writing a great paper or essay but also writing a better presentation and research papers. 1...
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