Bias,RhetoricalDevices And Argumentation

Bias,RhetoricalDevices And Argumentation - After listening...

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After listening to the mp3 debate I came to a conclusion that this speaker who says his name is Charles Liberal acts as if the election is a joke. After the firs twenty seconds the speaker started to keep his audience in laughter. The speaker spoke against Mr. Bush W. Getty numerous times with one thing saying he cannot do his profession. The speaker should not make assumptions or accusing another party without knowing 100% what he/she is saying. It was stated that Getty is dishonest and several other things. The speaker gave the dialogue in a formal tone but not in a serious comportment, as it should have been addressed for the intention of the debate. The speaker was very bias by saying he was going to have Mr. Getty arrested after captivating the debate. The speaker never gave the specific reason on why he wanted to have Getty arrested during his speech. This would have probably given himself a better chance in the election. When you say something like that about your opponent or addressed to your opponent you are acting like a child that is in a
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Bias,RhetoricalDevices And Argumentation - After listening...

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