Final Project- Student Survival Guide

Final Project- Student Survival Guide - 1 Name Nathan Elam...

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Name: Nathan Elam Wilkerson III Instructor: Teri Duffy Course: GEN 105 Assignment: Final Project: Student Survival Guide Due Date: February 28, 2010 1 1
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In my future of attending University of Phoenix I will have a plan on how to follow and use the services that are provided for my educational experience. I have had a chance to use multiple things to help me in aiding with my education here at Axia. Here are my plans for my future at Axia. First, the Axia college recourses that are available to me are simple to use. I am offered to download files to put on my mp3 and listen to them at work for my studies. This is a great too; that is offered since my time is very limited when I get home. If I need to get information on my essays I can use the write point or plagiarism checker to do this. This is a tool provided to me free from Axia to make sure I haven’t copied or plagiarized my paper to an authors writing. These tools are located in the university library. They are then under the center for writing excellence tab. This is where I find the things for my papers. This is a great tool that also helps me learn how to write my papers better without any errors. All I need to do is submit it to the checker and it does the rest. Second, as always I am an honest person so the academic honesty part will not be an
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Final Project- Student Survival Guide - 1 Name Nathan Elam...

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