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Argument and Logic - 1 Argument and Logic Nathan Elam...

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Argument and Logic Nathan Elam Wilkerson III PHI/105 University of Phoenix Online 29 June 2011 Jimmy LeDuc 1
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Augustine on God and Time is about the ex nihilo theory. The ex nihilo theory is that ‘God’ created the world from nothing. Additionally that time started ‘at the moment’ of this creation, before this, there was no such thing as ‘time’. The author uses the argument that nothing exists unless we think it does. By bringing up other famous philosophers like Plato Plotinus, and Kant the author is also showing support for the theory by the philosopher’s peers as an argument to believe his theory. “Augustine’s analysis of time is that it is a subjective phenomenon. It exists “only in the mind””. The only strength this student found in the excerpt was the flow and the logical sound of what the author had to say. A believer of “God” would ‘probably’ be easy to sway. This also brings us to a weakness that this student thinks is substantial. The author is assuming the reader believes in “God”. If you remove the belief in this so-called god then the
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