Pre-Socratic Philosophers

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Pre-Socratic Philosophers Nathan Elam Wilkerson III PHI/105 University of Phoenix Online 1 July 2011 Jimmy LeDuc 1
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Pre-Socratic philosophers were, as the name implies, Greek philosophers that came before the time of Socrates. There were several of these and each had their own set of beliefs and hypotheses. The primary thing that concerned them was substance, which involved defining what the world and things in it were made of, where these things came from and what ultimately became of them. In figuring this out they looked for practical, natural solutions, instead of trusting mythology as people had done previously. The first of these philosophers was Thales, who has been referred to as the father of Greek philosophy. He has also been called the “Father of Science” since he was the first to develop hypotheses. It was his theory that everything that was in the world began with and consisted of water, which was necessary for life. He observed in nature that water could assume any shape. Other major accomplishments of his
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Pre-Socratic Philosophers - 1 Pre-Socratic Philosophers...

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