Ambulatory Care Check Point

Ambulatory Care Check Point - deserve I think the number...

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The main purpose of Ambulatory care is to provide the patient with a one on one doctor to patient relationship. This will help a doctor to be more familiarized with an individuals needs. With doing this it can also help cut down on the amount of wait time that the ER will have to put each person in a bed to be seen in by a doctor. I think that ambulatory care is trying to change the health care system but I feel that it should be a trial and era thing at first. I do not feel that a person should have to make a decision in where to be seen at. If the person has a doctors’ office by their house and they do not trust that office then he/she should be able to get the proper care they need or
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Unformatted text preview: deserve. I think the number one thing that will improve the health care system is to give every American citizen free health insurance and medicine. What this will do is help the country from being so far in debt due to all this health care reform bills that don’t go to infect until 2014. Also with free health care a person can feel safe knowing that they can go to the doctor without the fear of having another bill that needs to be paid. And there doctor will know that the money will be coming from the insurance company since there is no deductible....
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