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Chapter 4, questions 4 and 6 on page 121 Please post your results on digital dropbox by classtime on Thurs, Apr 14th. 4. With the abundance of solar energy incident on our nation, what are the technical, economic, or political factors that must be overcome to break our reliance on fossil fuels? One of the main disadvantages is the initial cost of the equipment used to harness the suns energy. Solar energy technologies still remain a costly alternative to the use of readily available fossil fuel technologies. As the price of solar panels decreases, we are likely to see an increase in the use of solar cells to generate electricity. A solar energy installation requires a large area for the system to be efficient in providing a source of electricity. This may be a disadvantage in areas where space is short, or expensive (such as inner cities). Pollution can be a disadvantage to solar panels, as pollution can degrade the efficiency of photovoltaic cells. Clouds also provide the same effect, as they can
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