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Please complete the following assignment from the textbook: Chapter 1: p.28 Q 1: What are the two major problems created by depending on fossil fuels for most of our energy? First, the fossil fuel resource is limited in amount. The fossil fuels were produced by solar energy hundreds of millions of years ago, and when they are disappeared, there will be no more. We began consuming the fossil fuels at an appreciable rate about 150 years ago. Second, unintended environmental consequences result from the extensive scale of our use of the fossil fuels for everything from heating our homes to
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Unformatted text preview: powering our automobiles. When we burn coal, natural gas, or oil to obtain energy, gaseous compounds are formed and dumped into the atmosphere. Q6: What are some possible ways to provide energy for society after all the fossil fuels on each have been consumed? There are three sources of renewable energy which are solar, geothermal, and tidal. All energy sources based on the solar energy incident on earth direct sunlight, wind, hydroelectric power, ocean currents, ocean thermal gradients, and biomass are all renewable....
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