SCI-Acid rain - Acid rain YunChen Shen SCI-220 Professor...

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Acid rain YunChen Shen SCI-220 Professor Timothy Brecheen Southern New Hampshire University
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Acid rain 2 Acid rain Introduction Rain is one of the most essential ingredients for all life on Earth to survive. Although rain is naturally acidic, it has been increased acidified by pollution from homes, factories, power stations and cars. Acid rain occurred in the last twenty to thirty years; it is not only cause the environment issue but also harmful human, animals, and agriculture. What is Acid Rain? Acid rain is a result of air pollution. When any type of fuel is burnt it produce lots of different chemicals. The fumes that come out of a car exhaust and the smoke that comes from a fire do not just contain the sooty grey particles, they also contains lots of invisible gases that can be even more harmful to our environment. Acid rain, by definition, is acid rain. The correct name should be "acid deposition", which can be divided into "wet deposition" and "dry deposition," two categories, the former refers to all gaseous pollutants or particulate pollutants, with the rain, snow, fog or such as precipitation patterns and hail fell on the ground, the latter refers to the days without rain, down from the air, carried by the fallout in terms of acidic substances. In chemically defined water pH (pH) value is equal to seven is neutral, less than it is acidic. Naturally contains large amounts of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, carbon dioxide, when dissolved in water at room temperature and reach liquid in equilibrium, the pH of rainwater is about 5.6, so nature is acid rain. However, in nature, there are still other acid-causing substances, such as hydrogen sulfide emitted by volcanic eruptions, the oceans release of dimethyl sulfide, high- altitude lightning caused by the nitrogen oxides, etc., will further acidification of rain,
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SCI-Acid rain - Acid rain YunChen Shen SCI-220 Professor...

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