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M1.1 The Ancient Theme of Nature vs. Civilization Admittedly I haven't finished all of the reading, but from what I have digested I think the story of Genesis is a huge conflict of nature vs. civilization. Adam, who lived before the idea of civilization ever began, and his partner Eve both experienced the simplest of times. They still however battled with an unexplainable pull towards the unknown or the forbidden. Both characters wanted to explore the one thing they could not have. When the snake provoked Eve further by saying that God was holding , back from them and he didn't want the humans to be elevated to his power that intrigued Eve all the more (Genesis 3:5). The idea of something greener on the other side has always inspired the conflict of nature vs. civilization. The story of Gilgamesh is a major conflict of natural verse civilization, especially in “The Coming of Enkidu” and “The Death of Enkidu”. Gilgamesh, the king of Uruk, is strong and no one has ever against him. However, when Enkidu is created he is a wild beats. He eats grass in the hills and he is a human, but he lives with wild animals. He is rough and strong, but he has innocent of mankind. When Enkidu finds out that the society changed and civilized him from a wild beast to man I saw the value of the ancient civilization. The story of Genesis is also a conflict of natural verse civilization. Adam and Eve are the first man and woman created by God. They both struggle the unknown world that they just arrived. It is easy to change a person from nature to civilization, but it is not easy to change a person from civilization to nature. Both Adam and eve are at fault. Both Adam and Eve were told not to eat from only one single tree called the "tree of the knowledge of good and evil". Eve was tempted by the serpent to eat the forbidden fruit and Adam was tempted by Eve. It was such a big deal because they were given only one test that they had to pass and they both failed and now they lost all there innocence and purity. We could of lived in a perfect God environment but they blew it for all of us. There are a lot of sides we could find in this character- Medea. She will do anything for love, and she actually did. She promised she will do anything to help Jason, but she blames on her children and tries to revenge by sending the princess a poisoned dress and diadem when Jason abandoned her for the king’s daughter. She is a good listener, gives good advice, and gives pleasure to the people of her land. However, she is also a heartless murderer. When Jason found out Medea kills their children he was mad and terrified. He could not believe that she will blames on their children and would not feel pain or sad. I think she does feel pain because no one will feel painless when they kill their own children,
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LIT-DISSCUSION - M1.1 The Ancient Theme of Nature vs...

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