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Shen 1 Jenny Shen Prof. Linda Rodriguez LIT 201 Sunday, April 03, 2011 Criminal of Jealous Medea and Othello Greek tragedy has complicated relationship with the law and crime such as Euripides' Medea. Usually, tragedies show crimes committed and ask their audiences to be judges and juries to judge the ethical issues, attribute blame, and provide justice. On the other hand, Shakespeare’s Othello has the same elements of committing crimes. It does not matter whether the killer is male or female or who they murdered are. The point is that these two tragedies Medea and Othello both commit crime to revenge, ruler by strong male society, and let the jealousy carry out their decision. First of all, in Euripides' Medea, Medea murders her own children and others to make Jason suffer the pain of losing his love. For example, Medea challenges the tradition notion of hero as a murdering female hero. When Jason wants to marry Glauce, a princess to further his political ambitions, Medea kills Glauce’s father, Creon and Glauce by using a poisoned dress. She also kills the two children that she had with Jason in order to spite Jason and make him suffers the losing kids pain. Medea takes the revenge to her kids and blames them for losing a whole family with Jason. She was unjustly pressured and subjugated under her husband Jason and Greek cultural laws. However, Jason’s marriage not only creates her motivations, but revealed her inner and most hidden personality traits. In the play, Medea says “They died from disease they caught from their father.”(Line 1339)
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Lit-final draft - Shen 1 Jenny Shen Prof. Linda Rodriguez...

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