medea - I wrote in another post that I did not know if...

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I wrote in another post that I did not know if Medea’s behavior was because of her personal characteristics or because of social pressures. The Fundamental Attribution Error suggests that we overlook the situational variables for people’s behaviors, and attribute their actions as personal character. When I first started to read the play, I thought she was unjustly pressured and subjugated under her husband Jason and Greek cultural laws. However, when I finally finished reading the play, I realized that this situation did not create her motivations; it only revealed her inner, and most hidden personality traits. There were many who voiced reason and distain for her actions, the Nurse, the Tutor and the Chorus. Jason himself offered her a valid reason for his actions, telling her his marriage into the royal family would be good for their entire family, and that their sons would grow up to be leaders. She would hear not of it. She does have second thoughts about killing her sons, however, showing that she did understand the implications of her scheming. Page 716 verse 994 – 1050, shows she clearly knows what she is doing. Then on page 721, verse 1210 – 1224, Medea finalizes her decision to murder her sons to seek her vengeance on Jason, aginst the pleading of the Chorus and Nurse. This linage of thought and time proves premeditation and rational, however twisted. Pathological yes, insanity, no—she knew exactly what she was doing… Jason finally understands what kind of a person he let into his house. On page 723, verse 1305 he says, “you, an evil thing, a traitress to your father and your native land. The gods hurled the avenging curse of yours on me.” Jason laments over the past events when Medea kills her own brother. I do not remember the entire story of Jason and the Golden Fleece , but I do know Medea did help make it all happen, with
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medea - I wrote in another post that I did not know if...

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