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FINAL EXAM—SOUTHERN NEW HAMPSHIRE UNIVERSITY Professor Bellipanni ENG120 Composition I TAKE HOME EXAM DUE WEDNESDAY DEC. 15 5:00pm PART I. ANALYSIS (40) : Read the short story “Skin and Rain” p.116 or“(Re) Living the Dream” p.108 i. Pick TWO descriptive phrases/sentences in the text. Correctly cite the phrases and explain what emotion or tone is being conveyed. (10 pts) “I’m behind her, with my hands secured under her arms, supporting her weight.“That’s the best,” she says and I’m glad that I’m doing it right. ”(p.116) The author is helping her mother- in-law and when she says “That’s the best” He feels happy because he doesn’t know he is doing right or wrong. He scares and he nervous because he might hurts her when he is helping her. “Her face is not twisted in anguish or desperation—it looks as smooth and beautiful as my pregnant wife’s face.”(p. 118) The way her father-in-law see his wife is the same way the author see his wife. No matter how old or how illness she is the husband still loves his wife, and his wife is still beautiful as usual. There is no change on her face, at least in the husband’s eyes she never changes and she is still beautiful. The tone is peaceful and emotion is full all love. The author is happy about he has a family and has a baby on the way. He also thankful that he has a beautiful pregnant wife. ii. CHOOSE A ONE-WORD CONCEPT from the story and divide it using the concept diagram shown in class. Be sure to pick a specific subject that would be an example of each category. (Concept Diagram 10 pts) Pain (p.116) Mental Physical Heartbreaking Cancer Deny Death Accept Pain could be mental pain and physical pain. Mental pain could be heartbreaking when you loss someone you love and you care about. Physical pain could be Cancer or other diseases. It might cause death. When person you love die or they leave you even break up with you it is a pain, a heartbreaking truth to accept. iii. LOCATE TWO SPECIFIC EXAMPLES FROM THE STORY that show the concept. What characteristics of the concept are revealed? (10 pts) “The one I build each day, by myself—the one I will never use because two weeks after my mother-in-law dies this house will go up for sale and we’ll move in with her husband of forty years.” “I slide my hands up until I’m gripping under her arms again. “That’s the best,” she says. I lift her and step up backwards, hunched forward, trying to do it perfectly, trying to make it easy.”
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They are not perfectly fit in the concept but the mother’s mother- in-low dies and before she dies she did not suffer from pain. She just cannot walk so fast and she need someone to help her carry thins. I believe after she
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finalexamen120international - FINAL EXAM-SOUTHERN NEW...

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