LETTER Final Draft - YunChen Shen (Jenny Shen) Professor...

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YunChen Shen (Jenny Shen) Professor Bellipanni ENG 121 Nowadays, drinking on college campuses is getting more common and popular among. However, drinking on college campuses would produce the following problems: risky sexual behavior, academic effect, and health. Because of alcohol abuse, most college students have sex while drunk. With drunk-students, they lose the idea of sex. They will have sex with stranger or without using condoms. Also, binge drinkers consumed alcohol more often and more heavily before sex than non-drinkers. Most of college students may disagree with my opinion because they believe that they have the right to drink on the college. They believe that drinking in a party is one kind of social and totally misunderstand the differences between social drinking and drinking abuse. They always miss classes on the day after the party. If a college student miss too many classes, his or her GPA will get lower and lower. Moreover, I have done research and I found that situational and event
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LETTER Final Draft - YunChen Shen (Jenny Shen) Professor...

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