Final Quiz - SCI 220 Term 4 Final Quiz Please provide a...

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April 21, 2011 SCI 220 – Term 4 Final Quiz Please provide a short paragraph answer of fill in the blanks to each of the following questions. 1. Explain the basic process of using geothermal heating and cooling in a residential or small commercial application. A geothermal heat pump system is an electrically powered device that uses the natural heat storage ability of the earth and/or the earth's ground water to heat and cool your home. During the heating process, fluid in the loop absorbs heat from the earth. It is transferred to the unit located in the home. The geothermal system distributes the warm, comfortable air by either a conventional duct system or radiant heat system. For cooling, the geothermal system process is simply reversed. The warmer temperatures in your home are removed and transferred to the loop fluid. The heat in the fluid is deposited into the ground and the fluid is cooled. Outdoor temperatures fluctuate with the changing seasons but underground temperatures don’t. Four to six feet below the earth’s surface, temperatures remain relatively constant year-round, ranging from 45°F or so in northern latitudes to about 70°F in the southern states. A geothermal system takes advantage of this constant temperature to provide extremely efficient heating and cooling. In winter, a water antifreeze solution circulating through pipes buried in the ground
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Final Quiz - SCI 220 Term 4 Final Quiz Please provide a...

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